22 April 2016,

If you are looking to organize your closet or you are looking to work better with the space you have, these simple yet handy DIY upgrades can help turn your closet into a dream.

Here are a few things you can do now to upgrade your apartment closet.

  • Change Out Your Hangers – If you have mismatched, old or broken hangers, these can make your closet look unorganized. You can use one simple color or use a few of your favorite colors, just make sure your hangers are all the same style and material.
  • Use All of the Space – Step into your closet and have a good look around. It is likely you are not using all the available space. You may have tall closets, or your closets may be deep. Once you find that unused space install shelves, hooks or even pop some baskets into the space to give you more storage room.
  • Dress Up a Shoe Box – If you have a shoe box and some pretty paper you can turn that shoe box into a scarf or tie storage box.
  • Use Clear Shoe Boxes – Clear shoe boxes can be a great way to keep your shoes organized. Rather than hanging them on the door or having them spread everywhere use clear shoe boxes to keep your shoes organized.
  • Embrace Drawer Dividers – Small containers or dividers placed inside your drawers can help you to keep everything neat and organized. You can buy these at a home decor store or a store like Ikea.

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