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5on Google,Nov 14, 2019


(Translated by Google) Yzonas excellent recreational atmosphere. Attention is excellent by the people in information. (Original) Excelente ambiente yzonas de esparcimiento. La atenciĆ³n es excelente por parte de las personas en informaciĆ³n .

5on Google,Nov 04, 2019


I have lived in neighborhood communities but the maintenance was the main reason I decided to move to harbor village apartments. They really mean it when they say that maintenance will be done within 24 hours. I would like to reiterate one incident that happened recently. The main door of my apartment was having issues and it wasn't getting locked. I called the leasing office at 9:20 am and the maintenance folks were at my place within 20 minutes! Never seen this in my 3 years of stay in Richmond! I would highly recommend this place and you can rent one of the apartments without further thinking! Not just that - they have a good gym, sun deck, grill, pool and other facilities to rave about as well. I am yet to use the clubhouse facilities but they are surely going to be good.

5on Google,Aug 21, 2019


It's a nice place to live. Good apartment with a quick maintenance service. Have small play area for kids and a nice duck pond. Totally cool place.

5on Google,Aug 15, 2019


Caring office and maintenance!

4on Our Website,Aug 09, 2019

Denise Leblanc

Lived here for 19 months! Office staff and maintenance staff exceptional and professional! Special thanks to Dave in Maintenance.. We would still be living there had we not had to move back to NH. Complex is tucked away and quiet, count on ducks and geese and their ducklings stopping by your patios, be sure to have some feed ready! LOL! Trash was a big issue and parking was way too minimum. If you follow the parking rules you won't get towed, simple as that. Overall a good place to call home.

5on Google,Jul 30, 2019


Harbor Village Apartments is the first one I used to live and these were excellent !! staff are especially amazing and very friendly.. Maintenance staff does the work requests very quickly.

5on Google,Jul 09, 2019


We recently moved into a brand new renovated apartment unit and the complete move-in experience was so seamless and most of the paper work happened online. Jane was very friendly and made our move in experience more fun and less stressful. The community is great and neatly maintained.

5on Google,Jul 09, 2019


You guys are awesome! We loved the ice cream. Best apparents to live in this area.

5on Our Website,Jul 08, 2019


This is a wonderful place for living!

5on Google,Jul 02, 2019


We had a pretty good experience living here we only left due to personal reasons other wise we would have stayed. Office staff was very helpful and always professional. Maintenance was always on time although we only had one issue with our air conditioning maintenance showed up the same day we called and figured out exactly what we needed.

3on Apartments,Jun 25, 2019


SPLIT DECISION or DECISION TO SPLIT I will try to be as fair and impartial as I can, regarding my three year stay at Harbor Village. The Positives; First, let me say that the maintenance team here is great, especially Dave, that guy can fix anything, and fast. When we first moved in, the cost of living was very low, but appropriate to the square footage. I have found the management team here is pleasant to deal with and responsive. The accommodations are a bit spartan, but again the original price reflected that. I have never had any trouble parking and my cars have never been towed, like other reviewers. This place is nestled away in an area that is amazingly convenient to anything you might need (shopping, highways). And the fauna (ducks, geese, and squirrels) give the place a Woodland feel in the middle of suburbia. The Negatives; * The prices for have far outpaced the quality of conditions here. * These apartments are not even remotely competitive at this price point. * While the management team is pleasant and responsive, they are either incapable or unwilling to resolve several issues that plague this complex. Specifically, they prefer to assess $35-$40 fines for dumping trash next to the complex's only compactor, which is routinely out of service (have the pictures to prove it!!). Once is an instance, twice is a coincidence, but this problem is a regular occurrence. So, what are residents to do in these circumstances? Written letters from the management team have suggested that you stockpile your waste in your apartment until the issue is resolved, which has often taken more that a week (YUCK!!) Also, we were told in writing that we would be assessed a $50 fine if we would not let a construction company in our apartment to remodel at THEIR convenience. I wish I was kidding, but it has become par for the course here. I can only speak for my own experience, but I have not received the "quiet enjoyment" of the property that I have been paying for and am unconvinced that potential residents will either. A note for management... Please don't thank me for taking the time to express my concerns in this forum. If you are genuine about making this a quality place to live, work purposefully to resolve the issues expressed by your tenants rather than acknowledge them and explain why you won't be.

4on Google,Jun 16, 2019


I am a current resident. The apartments are great, Even though they are small in Square feet, the living room looks large and layout is simple and neat. You don't feel like cramped and you can able to get two full bath and Wardrobe are in right place. One complaint i may have with few bugs since my unit is surrounded by trees mostly but the maintenance crew is Awesome they are friendly and speedy when ever i had raised an issue with bugs or anything of that sort. The bugs issues continue after a year of stay . We started seeing slugs as well inside the house. Quite anoying and maintenance was trying their best . And also you can able to find smiling faces in the leasing office and easy to use online options . The Amenities are also great, the pool, Pond and Ducks, play areas. Kids will definitely love this community.

5on Google,Jun 14, 2019


This was the perfect place to transition from the sale of our house. The management /office is excellent. The maintenance crew is top notch. While the complex is a little older, it is safe and close to all amenities.

5on Google,Apr 18, 2019


One of the best places to live in the west end, it's very unique, peaceful, management is approachable, and well organized.

5on Google,Apr 13, 2019


Morgan was excellent. She shows us around and was very helpful! Great customer service:)

5on Our Website,Mar 19, 2019


One of the best places to live in. Service is spot on and all the staff members are courteous

5on Google,Mar 18, 2019


The staff here is wonderful, everyone in the front office is friendly and informative, and the maintenance staff is quick and effective. It's close to everything, is a quiet community, and the rent is fair. I've lived in the Richmond area for about 3 years now, and Harbor Village is by far the best apartment complex I've lived in.

5on Our Website,Mar 12, 2019


Fast service... Best place to live... Very happy with this place....

5on Our Website,Mar 01, 2019


Good save neighborhood, service is always available