5 August 2016,

If you have a big back to school list and you are looking for a place to save a little cash while grabbing everything on your list, there are three places you should check out.

3 Places to Save on Back to School Items


If you need textbooks you may be able to find them online a whole lot cheaper than at your local store. You can even download textbooks onto your computer or tablet for cheaper than purchasing a hard copy. Try Amazon students or Chegg.com. They offer a lot of sales not just on textbooks but also on other items that are needed all year long.

Big Box Stores

All big box stores such as Walmart and Target have back to school sales. Each week they will have different sales so if you practice patient and wait for the items you need to come up each week you can save a lot of money. Check out the circulars each week online and make a list to help you stay organized.

Your Local Grocery Store

It may seem like an odd place to find back to school items but your local grocery store can often be a great place to pick up bargains. Things like glue sticks, pencils, paper and even backpacks can be found for great prices at your local grocery store.


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